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IB Diploma Programme

Since adopting the IB Diploma in 2005, the High School students of BIS have gone from strength to strength, achieving success in their exams and in their university applications. A great part of this success is due to the nature of the IB Diploma Programme, which complements Bandung International School’s Mission and Vision and allows our students to shine, both academically and in their pursuits in Creativity, Action and Service.

The IB Diploma is built on a Core of Creativity, Action and Service, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, as well as the hexagon of six academic subjects, which are outlined below.

Creativity Action and Service forms the balance of the IB Diploma, giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and really embody the Learner Profile. 

Theory of Knowledge investigates the nature of ‘knowing’ and how we as ‘knowers’ come to make sense of the world through the various ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. To be successful in this part of the Core, students must participate in class and complete an externally-assessed TOK essay and internally-assessed TOK presentation. 

The Extended Essay is a student’s opportunity to shine in an academic research and writing task, and is a 4,000-word project which builds upon and extends their experience in one of their chosen subjects. Invariably, BIS graduates extol the virtues of the Extended Essay when they get to university and find that they have been well prepared for the academic demands of their assignments and research requirements.

Although we are a small school, with only around 20 graduates per year, we offer an impressive range of subjects in the IB Diploma Programme. Students must select one from each group. To be eligible for the IB Diploma, 3 must be taken at Higher Level (HL).

Group 1 (Studies in Language and Literature) - English Language and Literature, Indonesian Language and Literature, Korean A1 Self-taught 

Group 2 (Language Acquisition) - Chinese B, French B, Indonesian B, English B

Group 3 (Individuals and Societies)  - History, Economics, Psychology (online)

Group 4 (Sciences) - Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Group 5 (Mathematics) - Mathematics HL and SL, Math Studies

Group 6 (The Arts) - Visual Arts, Music

The BIS timetable in Grade 11 and 12 runs on a day of eight 45-minute periods. This includes time for Theory of Knowledge, Health and Personal Development (pastoral care) and CAS. Subjects offered are based on sufficient student numbers.

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