ECA Programme Philosophy

At BIS, the ECA programme is an extension of the learning that takes place during school hours.  Students who participate in the ECA programme come into contact with a broad section of the local community, including external instructors and students of other schools.  These experiences provide our students with rich opportunities which foster sensitivity to, and respect for other cultures.

BIS aims to provide activities which challenge students to develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  We promote a safe environment in which our students are encouraged to be principled, caring, open-minded, and risk-takers. 

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities, sporting, musical, social, and academic support, in order to become balanced individuals reflecting the philosophy of the IB PYP, MYP, and IB Diploma programmes.  By providing students with opportunities to assist, organise, and be involved with ECAs, students are prepared to become leaders of tomorrow.


Students can also participate in competitive sporting tournaments and are encouraged to do so.  These include for Elementary students, JASIS tournaments (Java Association of Small International Schools).  Middle and High School students can participate in IISSAC tournaments (Indonesian International Small Schools Activity Conference).

Whilst all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of students at school activities, the school is not responsible for the safety and supervision of students who remain at school and are not enrolled in activities.  As a general security and safety precaution, parents are kindly reminded to have children picked up promptly at the conclusion of extracurricular activities each day.

ECA Enrolment information

BIS cares about the environment and endeavours to minimise the use of paper based products. An email will be sent out to the BIS community with all necessary information to complete enrolment. You will be billed after two weeks of the start of the program according to the numbers who sign up for an activity. Fee ranges are indicated on the ECA schedule.

Enrolment and Activity procedures

  • New ECA information available Tuesday 22 August.
  • Enrolment closes at 4 pm Monday 28 August. Late enrolments are possible if there is still space in an activity. Enrolment follows a ‘first received, first served’ system.
  • ECA confirmation of enrolment notified on Wednesday 30 August.
  • ECA Block 1 starts Monday 4 September and finishes Friday 26 January.
  • ECA Block 2 starts Monday 29 January and finishes Friday 1 June.
  • You will be billed after two weeks of the start of the program.  Fee ranges are shown on the ECA schedule.  Fees are determined by the number of people who enrol in an activity.
  • Please advise the Activities & Events Secretary, if you discontinue an activity in the first two weeks otherwise fees must be paid in full.  The cut-off date for advising discontinuation is 4 pm Friday 15 September.
  • It helps for planning purposes, if students who enrol in Swim Training indicate which days and times they prefer to swim.
  • It is best that students make their way to activities promptly.  Students who use the playground while waiting for an activity to start, need to be supervised by a parent/guardian.
  • Younger students enrolled in activities such as ‘Learn to Swim’ must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to assist with showering and changing. Parental attendance at ES activities is always encouraged.
  • ES students who enrol in ECAs starting at 4 pm must also enrol in an ECA from
    3 to 4 pm.
  • Activities should be carefully chosen as refunds cannot be given once payment has been made unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Activity start and finish dates for different ECAs may vary; these should be checked carefully on the programme schedule.
  • Confirmation of enrolment will be posted on the ECA noticeboard or check with the Activities & Events Secretary.
  • Students/parents must inform the Activities and Events Secretary, if signing up or discontinuing an activity after the programme has commenced.

Please note that by enrolling online or submitting the ECA enrolment form, you agree that you have read the programme philosophy and are aware of enrolment and activity procedures. We appreciate any feedback or comments on the ECA programme. Please do not hesitate to contact the ECA coordinator after teaching hours at school or by email hector.aguilera[at] or the Events and Activities secretary, tanti[at] if you feel any particular aspect of the programme requires attention, or if you have ideas for improvement.

Online ECA Enrollment FormECA Schedule Block-1 2017-2018

Competitive Sports at BIS

Requirements and conditions

Bandung Independent School is a member of JASIS (Java Association of Small International Schools) and IISSAC (Indonesian International Small Schools Activity Conference).
Bandung Independent School is committed to participating in JASIS and IISSAC tournaments and aims to obtain positive and rewarding experiences for our students.

For the 2017-18 school year, BIS will participate in the following tournaments;
Friday 27 - Sunday 29 October, 2017: IISSAC Football tournament
Friday 23 - Sunday 25 February, 2018: IISSAC Basketball tournament
Friday 27 - Sunday 29 April, 2018: IISSAC Swim Meet
IISSAC Badminton, & Cross-country running tournament dates to be announced later.
JASIS Athletics and Swimming carnivals in Jakarta; date to be announced later.

In a new initiative, BIS will also participate in a local conference of schools in the sports of Football and Basketball.  More information to be provided soon.

For some events, students will be selected through try outs at the discretion of the athletic coaches. Only the best and committed team players will be honored with a place in the school team. BIS expects 100% commitment of the selected team members. At the same time the students need to maintain a good academic standard. It is at the discretion of the school administrators to remove students who are performing below the required level from a team.

Students are responsible for the payment of all costs for uniforms, travelling, competing, accommodation, coaches etc. related to the games they are competing in, and any related to the training weekends and try-out competitions. BIS will try to keep all costs to a minimum. A BIS Team Manager will accompany the competing teams at all time. Due to supervision and safety concerns, BIS will only enter IISSAC Badminton and Cross-country running teams if there are school personnel willing to assist with managing these teams.

Parents may choose to join to support the team; however they are kindly asked to respect the directions and decisions of the team coaches and team manager. All team members must stay together and will be accommodated in one hotel wherever possible. Arrangements for accommodation, transportation and consumptions will be made cooperatively by the school.

Opportunities for students to compete in friendly competitions in the sport of their choice will be made available throughout the school year.  We intend to invite local teams to compete at our school and extend our partnership with schools in Bandung and Jakarta, including local, national plus, and international schools.

We also continue our cooperation with Football Plus. This football school is based in Bandung and has well qualified international and national licensed coaching staff. Please note that football boots and shin pads are recommended for all ECA football activities.

Swim ECA criteria

Swim Training

Swimming is a great physical activity that promotes excellent cardiovascular fitness, tones the body, contributes to ideal Body Mass Index, and is a form of exercise that can be pursued throughout one’s life.  As it is completely weight-bearing, it places no stress on the skeletal system.  It is particularly beneficial for anyone who is undergoing rehabilitation due to joint/ligament/tendon injuries.

Learn to swim

A parent/guardian needs to attend all sessions and assist with changing and showering.

Intermediate swim class

Students must demonstrate basic proficiency in deep water.
They can comfortably swim one width of the pool in either freestyle or breaststroke.
Parents are encouraged to attend and assist with changing and showering.

Swim Team

Student may join the swim team if they can swim one pool length in freestyle, as well as show adequate development of backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin/butterfly kick. It is at the discretion of the coaches/managers to decide whether a student is ready to join the swim team. Swim Team members are encouraged to join swim meets.
Parents are encouraged to attend and assist with changing and showering for younger students.


Performing Art Activities

Drama and Music are excellent ways of developing confidence in performing and speaking in front of an audience.  

Students joining music and dance activities will be invited to join performances such as those taking place at concerts, and special events wherever possible; Fabulous Friday, Talent Show, and other occasions.

The School Musical Drama performances will again be offered in the 2017-18 school year.  Students who sign up for Drama must attend all rehearsals including Saturdays where required and be committed to learning scripts.



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