BIS is very much a community school. We aim to serve, not only the students in our care, but also their families and the wider community in Bandung. There are several ways in which we do this:


At BIS we are very aware of the stress involved with mobility as families arrive here in Indonesia, possibly for the first time that they have lived in a "foreign" environment. We try to provide our new families with a friendly and supportive atmosphere in the school and we are willing to help them get settled into life in Bandung by offering advice and guidance with decision making. We also understand that a happy family has a very positive influence on the successful education of a child. Similarly, when it comes time to move on from Bandung, children and families need a special kind of support as they deal with the emotional stress of parting and anticipating major change.

Community Events

During the course of the school year, the school community sponsors several family events and special social evenings. These include picnics, fairs, gala dinners and sporting occasions. The school campus is also used by the wider community for other similar events.


School facilities are used by Bandung Amateur Drama Company, aspiring mountaineers, swimmers and different adult sports teams. Facilities are available for rent to community members at very modest prices.

Service Orientated

BIS strongly believes that service is an important characteristic for our students and other community members. Throughout the year, there are many different service activities and events to raise funds and awareness of different important causes. Students are self driven and work hard to develop an ethos of service in the BIS community.


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