Brayen Brata-Coolen is a professional equestrian rider. He is famous in the Indonesian equestrian world and has gained popularity in South East Asia and the Netherlands.  Grew up in Lembang and is currently developing his equestrian skills in the Netherlands. Brayen has a Dutch mother (a teacher at Bandung International School) and an Indonesian father. He has one younger brother. Brayen speaks four languages fluently: English, Dutch, Indonesian and Sundanese. He joined Bandung International School in grade 3 and graduated from High School in 2012 with a BIS Diploma and five IBDP Certificates. He studied Dutch as a foreign language with his mother as a sixth subject in grades 11-12, in order to prepare him for his future life in the Netherlands and to allow him enough time to train daily with his horses. Besides his equestrian sport, he joined swim competitions in his Elementary School years and played on the BIS IISSAC football team.

Brayen joined his first national competition when he was seven years old. A year later international coaches and judges started to notice his natural talent. Lorraine MacDonald, a FEI International Judge commented in 2008: “You seldom see such a good rider at such a young age. Natural talent, super balance and feel, and obviously dedicated. Excellent future, if he has the opportunity to ride and train with quality trainers and strong financial support. A rider for the future!”

Brayen often had to miss time at school, as most competitions took place in Jakarta. Bandung International School always supported his career as an equestrian athlete. In grades 11-12 his academic schedule was aligned with his equestrian training schedule, allowing him to train every school day, and train or compete during the weekend. This helped Brayen to develop his self-management skills, which was most evident while preparing for his IB exams. One of his exams took place on a Friday morning; after finishing his exam he had to rush to Jakarta for the "trot up" of an international competition. He successfully competed with several horses during the weekend, finished late in the afternoon and arrived back home very late on Sunday evening. The next morning he took another IB exam. During his exam time he was preparing himself as the South East Asian representative of the FEI World Jumping Challenge Final on borrowed horses in Caracas, Venezuela where he was awarded 7th place for his individual achievement and 3rd place for his team efforts.

Brayen has won many national championships and continues to achieve very well in the Netherlands with the support of a great sponsor. He flies back and forth to join Indonesian competitions and is one of Indonesia’s top show jumpers.

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