Carlston Sung comes from a multicultural family. His father is from Hong Kong with both Chinese and Taiwanese roots, and his mother is Indonesian.

In 2010 Carlston took part in his first IISSAC (Indonesian International Small Schools Athletics Conference) swimming competition at Tiara Bangsa ACS Jakarta, but didn’t get into the finals. Carlston was keen to develop his talent and his parents supported his ambitions. Since then, Carlston started to train at Elvira Swima Gemilang in Bandung and his efforts have started to pay off.

In 2012, Carlston was awarded his first medal in a swimming competition; he competed against people from all over West Java. He then joined the IISSAC tournament in 2012 in Bandung International School where he scored many points for his school.  He followed his instinct to swim and joined a national competition, the Indonesia National Swimming Competition (KRAPSI). He has won 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal and also a trophy for being the “most outstanding swimmer” for men.

Carlston’s success did not end there. He joined the Rektor Cup and received 8 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal; he was also nominated the “best swimmer” for all elementary schools in West Java. This ensured that Bandung International School won the most points and obtained the overall championship for the elementary school category.

Carlston did not stop there; he joined another swimming competition at Jakarta International School and won the competition! Carlston has gained a lot of medals and points, and he has become a top swimmer in the age group 13-14 even though he is only 12 years old.
Recently, Carlston joined a qualification round for PORDA and succeeded in joining PORDA. What an amazing experience! In addition, Carlston rejoined KRAPSI in Senayan, Jakarta on December 26th – 30th 2013.

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