Ie Yung joined a drawing competition at the ‘Celebrate the Sea Festival’ in Manila, Philippines. She was the finalist of the ‘Children’s Art Competition in 2009. She obtained an award at a ballet competition organized by the Royal Academy of Dance in Bandung and that was all before her true passion and talent became clear!

In 2011, Ie Yung joined her first figure skating competition and was rewarded with two gold medals, one bronze and one silver medal.        

In 2012, she joined three competitions. At ‘Rank Ice’ in Jakarta Ie Yung earned two gold medals and one silver. In Malaysia she received two gold medals. At ‘Garden Ice’ in Bandung she stole the show with two gold medals, one bronze and two silver medals.

In 2013, Ie Yung came back from a figure skating competition in Beijing, China with one gold and three silver medals. More international adventures followed. In the United States of America, she earned three bronze medals and one silver medal. After joining a figure skating competition in Shenzhen, China, Ie Yung returned to Bandung with two gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

That same year she was also very successful at a competition at ‘Garden Ice’ and added six gold, two silver and six bronze medals to her wall of fame! 

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