Below are the new Guiding Statements for Bandung Independent School as of the 2016 2017 School Year.


To nurture individual potential and be an internationally minded school of excellence


Through relevant, challenging and engaging programmes, we inspire every learner to become skillful and courageous, empowered to participate responsibly, successfully and with integrity in a global community.


Bandung Independent School values: 




  • learning as a lifelong process of reflection, collaboration and applying skills
  • academic rigour and excellence
  • creative and critical thinking
  • respect and empathy toward others
  • building character through a strong ethos towards service and action within the local community
  • creating a safe, caring and open-minded environment
  • being an internationally-minded community
  • integrity and taking responsibility for actions
  • resilience through courage and willingness to lead and take risks
  • balance and wellbeing for ourselves and others.
Adopted by School Board 23rd May 2016



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