At Bandung Independent School, we focus relentlessly on one thing: Learning. We believe that whether you are age two or ninety-two, the work of learning is never done. As society rapidly evolves, the knowledge and subjects of today may be soon eclipsed by the technology and needs of tomorrow. Preparing for the future thus requires a different approach to education - one that focuses on developing the passion and skills to keep learning independently long after graduation.

As an IB World School, we believe students learn best by investigating their own questions, designing their own inquiries, and conducting their own research, experimentation, and analysis in the pursuit of deeper understanding. Children are natural born learners, and our primary role as Educators is to ignite and cultivate their curiosity, and then… get out of their way! In measuring their success, we focus on attitudes, skills, and knowledge – in that order – while defining unfailingly high expectations for each of these. This process is inherently personal and must recognize that learners require the freedom and support to develop their own unique passions. More broadly, the BIS community flourishes because we attract passionate faculty and families, help each other to refine our skills, and provide opportunities to uniquely contribute to the success of our organization.

When you join the BIS community, learning is inevitable in large part because of the diversity of our community and our dedication to internationalism. With students, families, and faculty hailing from two dozen countries, our school is built upon the principles of open-mindedness, tolerance, and intercultural understanding and respect. We strive to create a safe environment in which all community members feel can develop the courage to push the limits of their learning, fall forward, and embrace the lessons of failure as we strive together to make the world a better place.

So what are my own learning goals these days? I’m reading a lot about creating deliberately developmental organizations in multicultural contexts. I am also slowly practicing the basics of Sundanese, the local language of our host community, and eager to start guitar lessons to revive my long-dormant skills. And I’m more personally keen than ever to learn about the developmental needs of infancy and early childhood, as my wife and I are soon expecting our first child!

Whether you are a prospective student, future parent, or an aspiring faculty member, we’d like to know more about what you are interested in learning. At BIS, you are not just choosing a school, you are choosing a community. Welcome to Bandung Independent School.


Chris Toomer
Head of School


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