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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
-Albert Einstein

We believe that the ability to think critically about what we learn and to apply it to the wider world is crucial for young people in the new Information Age.

Our Middle Years programme is a bespoke programme designed with high academic standards to fit the needs of our diverse body of students and our host culture of Indonesia.  We meet students where they are and help them to unlock their potential through personalized learning. Students are given the opportunity to inquire, discover and critique, building on the skills learned in our PYP programme.

Our assessments are designed to advance student learning, allowing students to apply what they have learnt by carrying out real-world tasks. To ensure that our students are held to rigorous academic standards, we have carefully integrated standards from the US and Australia with the assessment criteria, inquiry skills and organizational skills of the IB Middle Years Programme.  Reports have shown these are the skills that lead to higher levels of success in the DP and help students to be more “college-ready” than students from other programmes (Wade & Wolanin, 2005).

Our students are knowledgeable, international-minded and respectful to those who have different perspectives.  Not only are they prepared for the academic demands of the IB DP programme, they are also engaged in global issues.

Success at BIS means more than just good grades. It means being principled and responsible members of the BIS community and the wider world, taking part in a variety of service activities.  The values of the IB Learner Profile are at the centre of our curriculum.

Our students are on a pathway to becoming excellent global communicators. They develop their communication skills in English through our Language and Literature programme, and an additional language through our Language Acquisition programme, which offers Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese and French.  We also provide support for students’ mother-tongues wherever possible.

Our programme

Core subjects: Language and Literature – English, Bahasa Indonesia
Language Acquisition – Chinese, French, Bahasa Indonesia, English.
Individuals and Societies
Physical Education
Electives: Music
Visual Arts
Service: Serving the BIS community, the local community and the global community.


Wade, JH and Wolanin NL. 2015. A comparison of MYP and non-MYP students’ participation and performance in high school. Bethesda, MD, USA. International Baccalaureate Organization.