1. Annual School Fees

Grade Tuition Technology Fee Facilities and
Maintenance Fee
Early Childhood 1 (EC 1) Rp.60.000.000 N/A Rp.10.000.000
Early Childhood 2 (EC 2) Rp.95.000.000 N/A Rp.10.000.000
Early Childhood 3 (EC 3) Rp.140.000.000 Rp.7.000.000 Rp.20.000.000
Elementary School (Grade 1 – Grade 5) Rp.180.000.000 Rp.7.000.000 Rp.20.000.000
Middle School (Grade 6 – Grade 8) Rp.205.000.000 Rp.7.000.000 Rp.20.000.000
High School (Grade 9 – Grade 10) Rp.230.000.000 Rp.7.000.000 Rp.20.000.000
High School – IB (Grade 11- Grade 12) Rp.245.000.000 Rp.7.000.000 Rp.20.000.000

* FMF is non-refundable and required for each enrollment.

2.   New Student Discount:

  • 10% of full tuition for all new enrollees
  • Free Facilities and Maintenance Fees (FMF) for all new enrollees

Recipients may not have attended BIS in the 12 calendar months prior to enrollment

3.   Early bird discount for full annual payment:

  • 6% by Jan 31st
  • 4% by March 31st
  • 2% by May 31st

4.   Sibling Discount

A sibling tuition discount of 5% granted for the 2nd child and 10% for the 3rd child. 10% discount will also be applied to additional children in excess of 3.

5.   Family Referral Discount

Current BIS families are eligible to receive 5% off of youngest child’s annual tuition for each new student referral who enrolls. Benefit to be applied after referee has paid for and completed their first full semester of school at BIS. (Terms and conditions apply.)

6.   Outreach Deposit

A non-refundable deposit for outreach programmes is payable by all students in Grades 5 – Grade 11 who start classes prior to their scheduled outreach programme. BIS considers outreach programmes integral to supporting our Vision and Mission.

  • Annual Outreach Deposit for Grade 5 = Rp2.000.000
  • Annual Outreach Deposit for Grades 6-11 = Rp4.000.000

Programme costs in excess of this deposit will be payable prior to student participation.