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“Play is the work of childhood.”
-Jean Piaget

We believe that children (and adults!) learn best when they drive their own learning and are truly engaged in the process. When you visit our Early Childhood classrooms you will see our students learning by doing, honing their senses of curiosity, cooperation, and self-management, and most importantly, having fun!

No, we do not have workbooks and do not give ‘homework’! Our students’ love for learning is the number one skill that we are trying to cultivate.

As an IB PYP school, our certified Early Childhood Teachers inspire learning through inquiry. Though learning activities are flexible and catered to the interests of our students, program highlights include:

  • Numeracy
  • Language and Literacy
  • Science
  • Mandarin
  • Indonesian
  • PE / Aquatics Program
  • Music
  • Art
  • Library Skills

Parent involvement in their child’s educational development is encouraged and we are proud of our strong ties between parents, teachers and students. This shared partnership between school and home allows our students to achieve their fullest potential. Parent Teacher Conferences, progress reports and Student-led Conferences are built into the academic calendar to allow parents the opportunity to keep abreast of their child’s development.

Find here our BIS Early Childhood flyer.