Through relevant, challenging, and engaging programs, we inspire every learner to become skillful and courageous to participate responsibly, successfully, and with integrity in a global community.
Mission Statement
Bandung Independent School

A school’s mission statement explains openly, to the world, what it values in education. When reviewing our mission, it is clear that we appreciate academic rigor and, the importance of developing the whole child socially and emotionally while exhibiting integrity and ethics. BIS students are caring towards their local and global neighbors. They realize they have a responsibility to their community and their world as they demonstrate their international-mindedness.

We are proud of BIS’s long, 50-year history. We are the most diverse international school in Bandung; our teachers and students represent approximately 21 different nationalities. Furthermore, we offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP ages 3-12) and the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP ages 17-18) where the DP students consistently perform higher than the world average.

BIS’s 50 years of experience in Bandung, our diversity and commitment to the IB and the international curriculum certainly set us apart from schools in the city. However, what is really special about BIS is the small community that we have created and nurtured over the years. Once you step on the school campus, the community feel is almost palpable. This sense of community is a hallmark of BIS.

How do we build this community at BIS? We endeavor to create a collective efficacy between students, teachers and parents. When each stakeholder works collaboratively towards a common goal, great results will occur no matter the obstacles; there is a growth mindset that we maintain.

We understand that forming a strong triangular relationship between parents, students and the school helps to enhance student achievement and builds trust between the school and our families. To do this successfully is no small feat and by no means do we take what has been built for granted.

We thank you for your interest in Bandung Independent School. I hope that you find our website useful as we have tried to encapsulate what it means to be a BIS Dragon with pictures, videos and through words. However, the best manner in which to learn more about BIS and to experience our school spirit is to come and visit us.

We hope to welcome you soon for a tour.

Dr. Michael Berry
Head of School
Bandung Independent School